White Earthenware Mug
White Earthenware Mug
White Earthenware Mug

White Earthenware Mug

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White Earthenware Mug


White Earthenware with yellow slip, transparent glaze - electric fired



Unique work


Technical Note

There are a few different types of clay that fall into the category of earthenware; red terracotta and several other naturally occurring clays that vary in colour from pale yellows to whites. The most significant aspect of earthenware clay is that it remains porous when it is fired, relying totally on the glaze to make it both functional and impervious to water. The maximum firing temperature of the glaze firing ranges from 1060℃ to 1160℃. Because there is no vitrification between body and glaze, objects made in this way are more fragile than stoneware and porcelain. One advantage of using earthenware is it is possible to obtain a much more vibrant and brighter colour range, as lots of colours burn out above 1100℃.


*Each items has been created with hand finishing and all pieces express their uniqueness of character through use.


*All items are handmade, so the actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size from the measurement shown online.